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Just in case anyone's interested, I learned how to run Winamp visualizations in foobar. That was one of the major things I felt was missing in foobar. Simply download the zip file posted here, and follow the readme instructions.

I didn't want to have Winamp installed just for the visualizations, so I ran a quick install, as minimal as possible, and checked to see if the foobar plugin worked. It detected the visualization files in the Winamp install folder.

I then tried moving the plugins folder into the foobar directory, and then uninstalling Winamp, but, although I think there's a way somehow, I couldn't get the foobar plugin to point anywhere other than the Winamp folder, and didn't want to spend any more time on it.

So, I made a folder called 'Winamp' in the Program Files directory, and then just stuck the files straight in there. It still wasn't very happy with that, so I put them back into a directory called 'plugins', as they were orginally. That worked. So then I wanted to make sure I had only the necessary files, so I moved them out of the folder one by one and checked each time to see if all the visualizations were detected. I pared it down to these:

the AVS folder
the Milkdrop2 folder
milk2.ini (this may have been created as soon as I first ran it; not sure)

So, that's it! Cool.




Nathaniel said...

Sweet! I wouldn't have thought of using Winamp plugins in foobar. I'll have to remember that if I ever switch over. I don't actually use visualizations that much, though. Usually it's just a visualization binge now and then... go through them, ooh and ahh.

Matthew said...

Someone wrote a wrapper for them. I don't use them that much either, except to wow others. But it bugs me when I can't. =D