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I wouldn't call myself a music connoisseur, but I definitely enjoy music. Thus I share this with you. It's an instrumental album; modern orchestral rock, as one reviewer on Jamendo called it, seems to be a good description. There are no lyrics, but some backup vocals, and just some straight talking on the last track.

The music in and of itself is superb; the technical workmanship is excellent. The artist is JT Bruce, but I know not how many individuals may hide behind such a title. The story is somewhat intriguing. I listened to the album, and then I found out in the last track. After the music comes to an end, a voice begins to speak about The Dreamer's Paradox. Here it is in a nutshell: "One third of your life will be wasted. You’ll lie in an unconscious, catatonic state and sleep your life away. What if you could take those years back?" The music of the album represents a person's journey of escape into dreams, and their subsequent blending of dream and reality… until one is the same as the other.

Pretty scary. I confess it freaked me out the first time. I had to like… conquer it -- by sleeping through a night. Even then it took a little longer, I think.

The whole album runs about 74 minutes, but the last track may not be as enjoyable for listening as the others… it's rather anarchic and part of it is just speech. The preceding tracks total about 64 minutes, though, which is a pretty good amount of listening.

The Dreamer's Paradox on Jamendo 

P.S.  It doesn't really happen… I'm pretty sure you're awake. Well, I think so…