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How annoying. A day or two ago, Javascript popups started opening in new tabs. They are popups for a reason. I had Firefox set so that links that would open in a new window would open in a new tab, but popups like this didn't use to be affected.
Anyway, after another Google today, I found the fix. 1st Byte Solutions has the answer. Quote:

if you open about:config in your address bar, you can change the setting manually.
Change: browser.link.open_newwindow
Mine was set to 3, which told the popups to always open in a new tab.
Niceness. It's a pretty easy fix. Set it to 2. I just wonder what changed it to 3. Wasn't me. It appears this is something of a longstanding issue; the Firefox team should probably add a GUI option for this. Check out this thread on Mozillazine, where the same fix is given (in 2004) and this one, where Tab Mix Plus is the solution (it occurs to me TMP might change that value).
Go give some kudos to 1st Byte if this makes you happy.

Update; Feb-15-2010: So it busted again. And this time setting browser.link.open_newwindow to 2 didn't fix it. Garr. Fortunately, setting browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction to 2 did fix it. Thanks, harrymc.


Matthew said...

Couple more supposedly good tweaks here...


And, I might add, they WORK. Wow.

alex walker said...

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