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Today I found two extensions that can give you some more space on your bookmarks bar in Firefox.

First, the Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar, which gives you more rows as you need them. If your bookmarks overflow when you size down the window, it catches it then, as well as just a plain overflowing bookmarks bar.


Second, the Smart Bookmarks Bar. It removes the text on the bookmarks and leaves the icons, but shows you the text when you mouse over the icon, like so:


There are some options: you can choose not to show bookmark names on mouseover, to unhide the names of folders on the bookmarks bar, and to unhide bookmark names that don't have a favicon, and vice versa for all those. Also, you can adjust spacing and autohide the bookmarks bar (which I haven't tried out yet. sounds like it could be handy).



Matthew said...

Very nice... may come in handy on the lower-res laptop.