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This bugs me to death since I'm on dial-up. Just last night, I pulled a process out from under the nose of my firewall while it was asking about it and it locked up my (Windows) system pretty nasty. I should file a bug report with PC Tools about that…

Anyway, thanks to burning desire and this and this thread on mozillaZine Forums, I found Cache Fixer. Quote: "Cache Fixer extension drops the "dirty" flag on every startup and if Mozilla crashes, you still loose cached data, but only the current (crashed) session. I think it’s better, than loosing all cached data."

That's awesome, but it only works up to Firefox 3.0pre. So I used the maxVersion trick so it will work with up to Firefox 4.0. Here it is on Box.net. Hopefully the developer will put an official updated version up soon. Please note: I have nothing to do with development, I just changed a text string and then zipped the files back up.

Also, as I posted back here, the dumped cache is intentional behavior. We're just choosing to change that behavior (woot!).

Thanks much, Mr. Ivanov.