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Hummm… more like a linkshare.

A-PDF Extractor - I was looking for an app to convert PDF to text over the holidays, and this was one of the two I downloaded. I actually didn't even get through the installation of the other one because I didn't like their terms. Which is fine, because A-PDF Extractor does the job: nice, simple, and quick. Warning: not a portableapp as far as I can tell (no .ini's or such in the Program Files folder).

How To Send Email To Any Cell Phone (for Free) | MakeUseOf.com - I have to say this could come in handy… if I ever need it for some reason. What is nice is there is an address for Unicell, which is what my dad is on. And the Gmail Labs way doesn't work. Although I think Unicell has a place on their site where you can text message phones using the service.

Bug 105843 – Cache lost if Mozilla crashes (Mozilla Bugzilla) - Nice to know that this is actually tracked. But… it's intentional, from what I read, there is a chance that the cache might be corrupted, so it just dumps it. Which is really annoying if you are on dial-up. Seems to happen to me occasionally when browsing offline. There was a patch on the page, I think, but if I recall right it was for Firefox 1.5 or something… not Fx 3.

May you see deep snow. =)


Matthew said...

Hmmm. That's funny. I watched a legal CLE about Word Perfect, and how the new version had the ability to convert PDF to text, if I recall correctly. It was rather funny, since, in one part, it was describing how the new version could create a PDF with no metadata, and then also extolled it's powers to convert PDF to text. Rather disconcerting to lawyers, who specifically use PDF so other attorneys can't modify it.