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So, three things:

I had been wishing for a sort of label management tool for Blogger. Finally, I just did a Google search (doh!) and found that Blogger itself has a sort of label mangement. So, it looks like I can edit labels fairly easily and delete rarely used ones. Sweet. Check out this Blogger help page and this blog post at BloggerStop.net for a guide to a few common actions.

Second thing: Windows Live Writer. I had been using a beta version for a while, and a few weeks ago updated it to a 2009 version. It's not the snappiest in performance, but I think the updated version improved that. I'm happy with it; it works well for what I do. I can save drafts, link up a storm, and pull up cached copies of posts. I know there are other blogging applications out there, I haven't tried any yet, but maybe I will in the future.

And finally: feed widgets. I have been checking out a few recently to use for a feed from the CaringBridge journal for Isaiah. WidgetEasy is quick and, well… easy, except it broke somewhat on that feed. Arg. Also no customization. Feed Informer I found via a Wild Apricot Blog post; it requires registration but is pretty customizable. You make digests: they can contain more than one feed if you want and you can set some options relating to filtering incoming items, sorting, and such. One thing I like is that it seems to (at least with some templates… I shall have to investigate what exactly causes it), you can truncate the post content; for the Isaiah feed on PAN, I used a template that had a read more.. link. Nice. And finally, from a comment on that post, Feed2JS. It's quick, it needs no registration, you can plug in CSS styling.

Edit : April 24, 2009:
Some more info: you can truncate post content with Feed2JS also, if you turn off HTML display from the feed. Also, you can run it from your own server. And finally, the Feed2JS server caches feeds for an hour; seems to be faster than Feed Informer, which is nice; it was getting behind the feed on the Providence blog. 60 minutes is much more acceptable.


Matthew said...

Found anything that handles picture uploads better? Blogger sucks for that... unless I'm missing something.

Nathaniel said...

No, not really. I haven't really looked, though. I like the Blogger in Draft one even less. I might find something, though: I would like to find a service I can upload pics to and maybe link to from my blog... maybe Picasa Web Albums, I don't know. BTW, if you didn't know, check out Picasa Web Albums and you'll see your Blogger photos there.