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[Also known as (for the Google's sake): How to fix far right links with Subtlebeauty Blogger template or How to fix Subtlebeauty Blogger template sidebar poking into posts]

We noticed a while back that links on the far right of a post using this template were at least partially unclickable - you know, the little link hand cursor disappears. The beam cursor also disappeared when mousing over unlinked text there… made it harder to select such text. I did a little code tweaking and found something that solved the issue: changing the width of the sidebar-wrapper div in the template CSS. It is by default at 35% ("of the parent element's width"); I think I had it at 27% in the last couple days, just did some experimenting, and I think 28% percent is the highest you can go without having the sidebar wrapper bleed into the posts. You might need to do some expermenting, maybe set it lower, if you have lots of buttons on the top navigation bar (the links just above the posts). I haven't noticed any squishing of the sidebar, or any breaking of it otherwise because of the tweak; it seems to work fine.

So, if you haven't done it before, here are the editing instructions: go to your blog Layout settings (accessible from your Dashboard) and click to the Edit HTML sub-tab. Now, use your browsers search function (Ctrl+F, probably, or Edit menu > Find) if you wish, or just find it manually; look for #sidebar-wrapper (it won't be italicized). Find the width property under #sidebar-wrapper and change it from 35% to 28% (or whatever other width you decide; that's just what I am recommending).

I don't know if this is an issue with the WordPress version of the Subtlebeauty template, but I know it certainly is with the Blogger version. But… issue fixed.