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Edit by Nathaniel; December 11, 2008: I found out this is pirated. Phooey. So... link removed and you can buy it here in hard copy, PDF, or both.

Check this [link removed] out if you want an in-depth explanation of TCP/IP.

Edit by Nathaniel; September 23: Just warning you, this is a 12.7 megabyte PDF, so if you have a slow internet connection like me... now you know. Ta!


Nathaniel said...

Whoa... bet that keeps me busy for a while... :p
BTW, where did you get the link?
Also, edited your post slightly.

Matthew said...

Hacker forum. ;)

Matthew said...

And edited it even more now! Hmmm. Perhaps I won't bother posting the links to the rest of the probably pirated materials on HTML, etc.