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Hmmm, so I got the template uploaded yesterday. It was working, but then suddenly the images were not loading. Lo and behold, it turned out that the Google Pages site where the images were hosted (aborregate.googlepages.com) had hit the bandwidth limit. Fortuneately, data was loading again that night, so I snagged the images. Except for one I didn't know about, a bullet that evidently was referenced in the template but wasn't in use on the blog at the moment.

So today I uploaded the images for our template, Subtlebeauty, to ImageShack and edited the template to point to those images. Everything seems to be working. Wootness.

If you want to use this template (but then you would look like us :p), here are the image links, hosted at ImageShack. I also listed files hosted on the Google Pages site, but use the ImageShack files, because you may experience bandwidth limitation issues with the Google Pages site. ImageShack files on the left.

subtlebullet.gif (Google Pages)
subtlebg.gif (Google Pages)
subtleheader.gif (Google Pages)
subtledate.gif (Google Pages)

Ok... there. Second post. Phew.