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Yes, despite being sick, I shall put up some posts. =)

I recently tried out the Avant Browser again. It is actually a shell to Internet Explorer, something I already knew, but a very impressive shell at that. The interface seem fairly cluttered, but it is brimming with features. Useful features, at that. Some of them are: mouse gestures, an ad blocker (which seems to have a preloaded list! woot!), add-ons and IE add-ons support, and an online browser data storage service (Bookmarks, RSS Feeds, AutoFills). Also interesting and kind of cool is the ability to display multiple web pages at once; in windows inside the browser, really. I remember someone saying a browser that could display multiple pages at once would win them over. Well, there you go. Pretty easy, too, just cascade or tile horizontally or vertically.

The reason I uninstalled it again this time (though I reinstalled it to write this)? It kept setting IE as my default browser. But it doesn't seem to be doing that now… hmmm.


Matthew said...

Meh. I should check out Chrome before I mess around with that again. :p