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I personally am not not a huge fan of Firefox 3's default theme, at least not on XP. There are, of course, tons of themes out there, and quite a few now available for Firefox 3.

Winstripe Modern does an excellent job of giving the Firefox 1.5 look. Quite classy. Available for Linux and Windows. One or both might work for Mac, but I don't know.
[Update: July 3, 2009: I have updated to Firefox 3.5. Winstripe Modern is not compatible, and the author states he has no intention of updating it. It might work with a hack, I don't know and I don't want to try. Because I found something I like better: Winestripe RealFox, rarin' and ready to go with Firefox 3.5. Rock on classiness!]
[Update: July 5, 2009: Unfortunately, Winestripe RealFox is Windows only at the moment. However, the developer said on Mozilla Add-Ons that he is working on making it work for Linux, which is good news. In the meantime, here are some 3.0-up alternative Winestripe type themes to pick through. Good luck.]
[Update: September 2, 2009: Wanting a bit more modern functionality with the classic look, I've now switched to StrataStripeStripe, which I like a lot. It's marked as experimental at the moment, and I really don't know what OS compatibility is like right now, except that there was a report in the reviews from the ninth of last month that it didn't work in Vista. Hope it works for you if you like it and cheers!]

Firefox 2 also had a theme that was, in my opinion, better than Firefox 3. Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded has resurrected the theme. It's not perfect, though. One of it's most glaring shortcomings is that checkmarks do not display. So, am I working offline? I can't tell, unless I actually try to navigate to some pages. Arg. Also, somehow it doesn't seem as tight as the original theme. It could just be from views of Matthew's eye-candied Firefox 2 theme (he used an extension for it… I don't remember what it was called, though), since I had been using a Firefox 3 Beta for a while before 3.0. But I did use Fx 2 for a while after I reinstalled Windows in June… hmmm. Whatever. Theme appears to be for all OS's.

Simple Green was a theme I used back in my Firefox 2 days… It looks like the Netscape Navigator 8 theme. I checked today, and yes, there is a version available for Firefox 3. Sweet!


Matthew said...

Never been a huge Simple Green fan. Lawlz.

Nathaniel said...

Yeah... I don't like it as much as I used to. Oh well, it served its purpose!

Matthew said...

I think my FF2 extension was this.