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I got my Sansa fixed up on Sunday. What was happening is that only the ring would light up when I turned the thing on and I had to "reset" (really a forced power off, it seems) to get it off. I was advised to drain the battery, charge it, and then see what happened. I did, and same result. Some more talk online informed me that the daughter card may have come loose. Over the span of two days I got it all the way open (part of this took over two hours on IRC and a video from someone on there… how nice of them), disconnected the daughter card for sure, and reconnected it. I plugged my Sansa in on USB and the wheel came on but it seems the player turned off. I put the battery back in and tried again, this time presented with a blessed SanDisk logo. Whoooo-hooo!

I had intended to start hacking my Sansa after the warranty had expired, but I figured that I might as well start then since I had been poking around on the insides of the thing. I downloaded the alternative mp3 player firmware Rockbox and installed it on my Sansa (it keeps the original firmware on, too). And, wow, Rockbox blows the original firmware away in most areas. Very very customizable and supports plugins, which you can use even while you're playing music. These plugins fall under the categories of Applications, Demos, and Games. And yes, you can even play Doom.