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Why am I getting nowhere on my case?

It's CDS, not XCP.

Let me elaborate.

My Switchfoot CD is protected with Cactus Data Shield, not Extended Copy Protection.

Now how did that happen…? I see that the Wikipedia article on the album mentions that some copies of the album were protected by Cactus. Ok. Why didn't I figure this out sooner?

A Google search led me to this page, which mentioned CDS-300, which struck a familar note with me from browsing the CD. Aha.

Alright. Hopefully I should be able to fix it with this new knowledge, and some helpful info from that page. And then I'll post on what happens, some summary information on this stuff, and info on how to avoid or fix the situation.


Matthew said...

LOL! Honestly, if you were getting paid by the hour, you could have long ago paid for the blank CD I suggested.

But, there's that moral victory to consider. And of course you've got to figure out how it all works!

Nathaniel said...

Yes, I could easily remaster a new CD without copy protection, but this is an investigation, and no sneaky DRM system is staying on my system.

Matthew said...

Way to go.