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Last Friday, Hugh Donovan and I put together the computer parts that he had researched and ordered. Below is a rough reproduction of the email he sent out about it. We took plenty of pictures, and kept a log as we worked. From the time I got there to the time I left, it was about eleven hours!

Computer build number two, again educational, and entertaining.

Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz Kiensfield
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R Motherboard w/ onboard sound
4 GB Crucial Memory
640 GB Western Digital SATA HDD
Sapphire ATI 4850 Graphics
LG 19" Flatron Monitor

The log of events:

4:58:18pm Figured out we were trying to mount PSU upside-down. Thinking of case modifications. LOL!!!

4:59:50pm Mounted PSU.

5:05:53pm Busted out rear I/O panel.

5:10:00pm Synchronized watches.

5:20:36pm Pictures of GPU.

5:22:56pm Removed motherboard from antistatic bag.

5:31:55pm Cut out ethernet port from Gigabyte I/O panel.

5:34:30pm Installed Gigabyte I/O panel.

5:37:30pm Marked paper with motherboard ground holes.

5:58:50pm Decided the discrepancies in standoff type didn't matter.

6:07:09pm Installed motherboard.

6:16:55pm Mounted motherboard screws.

6:21:53pm Figured out how to remove front plate.

6:25:10pm Removed drive bay cover.

6:28:25pm Mounted optical bay and went to eat biscuits.

6:48:23pm Hard drive mounted.

6:49:25pm CPU removed from box.

7:00:00pm CPU clamped into place, despite useless Intel manual.

7:00:15pm Heat sink removed from case; Hugh went to get a plastic bag.

7:07:00pm Applied Arctic Silver thermal compound to heat sink.

7:09:08pm Applied Arctic Silver thermal compound to CPU.

7:18:06pm CPU fan connector installed.

7:19:21pm CPU heat sink mounted.

7:24:09pm First memory module installed.

7:24:29pm Second memory module installed.

7:25:55pm Discovered CPU and heat sink mounting instructions in motherboard manual. (Nice going, Intel.)

7:28:59pm 24-pin motherboard power connector installed.

7:41:14pm Front panel indicators completed.

7:45:20pm Front panel communications completed.

7:57:18pm Video card installed and connected to power supply unit.

8:11:02pm Serial ATA cables installed.

8:14:38pm The zip-tie attack begins.

8:38:00pm Called Gavrik for final check.

8:43:29pm CPU power connector installed... (might be a good idea)

9:02:53pm POST!!!!!!

9:14:27pm Booted Ubuntu, discussed hard drive status.

9:18:03pm Terminated call with Gavrik.

9:34:54pm Hugh attempts to boot hard drive diagnostics.

9:46:55pm Left to get fresh air after starting extended hard drive test.

11:04:09pm Transferring drivers to USB disks for installation.

[Played Wolfenstein for one hour.]

12:05:58am Drivers installed.

12:53:06am Basic applications installed.

12:55:54am Rearranged component wires.

1:30:34am Desk setup initiated.

1:49:43am Desk setup completed.

1:56:24am Network connection established.

1:59:46am Test page printed.

2:03:27am Sound successfully tested.

2:04:35am Computer clock set.

2:16:52am The Witcher installed!!!