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I guess it's time time to get this post out, seeing as Matthew has posted twice about his reading list.

I don't really have a reading list, and don't actually read as much as I used too, but I want to share a few good things I have read lately/am reading.

Very Good, Jeeves! - currently in the middle of this. Wodehouse is great.
Eragon - First book in the Inheritance series. Read it in December and maybe through January, I think. If you didn't already know, Paolini was only 15 when he started writing it. A good work for being so young, I would say.
Eldest - Second book in the Inheritance series. Really liked it. Fortunately, Elliot got the book for Christmas while we off vacationing on the west side, so I was able to continue the series without much interruption.
The Book of Jeremiah - I'm deviating from the Bible reading schedule I have to read through Jeremiah. I kind of really discovered Jeremiah last year when I was doing an paper on the exile and redemption of the Israelites. I was intrigued; I had never really read the story before. He's a pretty amazing guy, you know… he prophesied judgment for 20 years. But they ignored him. And just reading it was cool… it was something I didn't really know about before… somewhat like reading through the early history of the United States; it's stuff that really happened, long enough ago, but it really happened.

And here is a meager offering of books I want to read, or am at least thinking about reading:

Brisingr - Third in Inheritance. This is easily enough gotten from the library and I am looking forward to it… just tied up with Very Good, Jeeves! right now.
Inkheart and following - I might read these. Have heard good things about them from Elliot and Claus over at Grand Stream Dreams.
And maybe one other that I have forgotten at the moment.

And finally to bounce off Matthew… what I have read in your lists:

The Princess and The Goblin (I think… if I did, it was a long time ago)
The Princess and Curdie (same as above)
The Silmarillion (parts)
Farenheit 451
Watership Down (read the sequel, too. Kind of weird, being from a rabbit's perspective, as I remember)