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Yeah, so I'm sorry for not getting in a huge post about all my computer workings recently, but I expect it will be forthcoming. What I'm here to say right now is that I did a quick mod on my wallet/billfold thing. I bought this little deal at a yard sale out near the Hostetter ranch, on my way back to work, actually. Brian Buck and I saw the sign and headed out to the sale. It's slim, durable, attractive, and holds everything I need it to. Come to think of it, I didn't actually buy it, because they gave it to me for free, considering it's low worth. It's just a plastic wallet for holding papers or something, I guess - one of those cheap courtesy trinkets companies give to their customers/potential customers. This particular one says "Courtney Motors" on it, although the lettering is too faded now to read except at an angle. I picked it up because I figured it could hold my timesheets that I wrote my hours for the day on; it being plastic might keep them dry through the weather and irrigation work. It's taken a beating, that's for sure! I've used it to keep myself from electric shocks while shutting down engines by breaking the circuit, and it's resided in my pocket through all sorts of weather and actions. Finally, the seams started to crack because of the wear. I had been repairing it with layers of clear tape, but they didn't last long....and didn't have the classy look of DUCT TAPE!!! Enjoy the pictures. Sorry they're not more thoughtfully captured, but my camera was running low on battery. (By the way, my camera gets points for surviving a car-rollover.)


sunny_12 said...

I didn't know this blog existed.

Nathaniel said...

Now you do.

Nice post. Just what we needed to bring class back to abm.