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Because of the ever expanding world of social networking some people complain about just another thing to update. I quite concur… if you have say five different services you want to post the same message to, it can be a bit of an annoyance. Or a drag. Or whatever you care to describe it as. However, I think that that problem could be at least partially solved by the use of services such as Ping.FM, an online tool that lets you update many services at once (though I have never used such a service… yet).

But, that's not what I do. I have a few services I have joined over the years, and in my mind I have a purpose for each. And here they are:

  • Blogs (my current platform is Blogger): for posting longer stuff… sort of textual works of art sometimes: discourses, arguments, current events, reviews, etcetera. Also, questions to the masses, guides, longer write-ups on personal life and experiences, and so on. Or sometimes, just less formal stuff and perhaps shorter stuff.
  • Twitter: for microblogging, as the service is described. Short things I want to say or just whatever I want to say; sometimes randomness or seemingly such. Also, it's good for plugging in updates and notices from stuff, like twitterfeed (pulls feeds to a Twitter profile). Also, I like that it's microblogging… it's limited to 140 characters, so it can make you be creative. It can be the art of brevity.
  • Facebook: a great all around social utility for me. Text, images, and video are supported, so any such things may be posted. And what's alluring about this is that it is a sharing just within your circle of friends, not public (though I think you may choose to do so… I doubt many users do). It's very pluggable-in, which I like. You can post and link to your heart's content, and it's really popular with some people, which can make for perhaps the most effective means of communication to some people. Also, it has a community aspect within the privacy; many interactions between can be publicly seen by their circle of friends, who can easily join in. And, back to the pluggable-in aspect, there are many, many Facebook Apps, some of which plugin in to other services, or let other services plug into Facebook. And by the way, if for any reason you got confused, it's Facebook, not FaceBook.
  • Delicious (previously called Del.icio.us): It's social bookmarking. Personally, I'm not too into the whole see what's up on Digg or Delicious thing, but it works good for putting a linkroll on my blog, so people can see what I've recently bookmarked, thus I share it with them. I use the bookmarklet, which works great for bookmarking pages I want to share. Also, it can create a record of where you've been on the web of sorts… not a strict statistical or analytical record, but a sort of what-I-thought-the-best-then collection. And you can add your comment to stuff you bookmark, which works with the collection idea. Not to mention if something isn't any longer in your browser history and you want to find it, maybe you bookmarked it on Delicious (or Digged it, for that matter). As I said at first, I'm not really too much into the see-what-floats-to-the-top idea, but maybe I would be if I had a better internet connection. I guess we might see in the future.

So that's what I use. How about you? What's your social networking philosophy? Or do you even have one?


Matthew said...

Well, I have a pretty limp-wristed philosophy. I pretty much freestyle everything. Part of it is that I don't do the same updates everywhere. I've been trying to get better about keeping up on world news and tech news...

The Notebookreview Forums are an important part of my social networking and learning (as well as helping on occasion).

Blogger, yes...I do keep up on a bit of that, as well as posting here.

I'm working on improving my old Bravehost site from Web Class.

Facebook is very handy, but I definitely take a laid-back approach to it, since it's possibilities are endless for practical purposes.

Twitter is, like you said, random and micro-blog stuff. Summaries, artistic phrases...yeah.

Oh, and Gmail, of course.

Aside from that, I keep up on xkcd comics and GraphX Service to some extent.

JP said...

Social networking philosophy? I've never thought of developing one. About the only 'social' in my life is work and home.

I figure if someone wants to find me they better look pretty hard...