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Lol, that's maybe an awkward post title. Notwithstanding, I do have a cool idea.

Say you've just met someone and you're just about to leave when you pause, remembering, and arrest them before they can take off too. "Just a sec," you say. "Can I get your picture for my contacts?" "Sure," they respond, and you whip out your mobile telephone and snap a pic. "Hey, nice meeting you," you say. "See you later."

After they leave, the pic has been uploaded to your Gmail contacts and you fill in the details, grabbing their email address from the business card they gave you. Easy.

Alternately, you could store it in an internal database on the phone, which would sync with your PC software (Outlook or whatever). Or maybe you could get some kind of cloud storage service for it with your cellular service provider or some other company.

Oh, and of course, the app would provide easy access and viewing of these contacts, preferably anytime (sync with a cloud service?). Maybe it could even be a Gmail feature (or a browser add-on or something) that would do this.

How does it sound? Any idea or improvements? And, this is just an idea right now, no code that I know of =).


Matthew said...

Sounds worthy, but I think you meant "Can I get your picture..." instead of "Can I get you picture..."

Nathaniel said...

Thanks, fixed it. Added a question mark while I was at it.